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I recently contacted’s helpdesk to see if they had updated their status on linux compatibility. They hadn’t (i.e. still no support), so I asked the following question:

“Are there any plans to add support for Linux in the future?”

The reply was interesting…

“There aren’t much talks in supporting Linux in the near future and we don’t have much information regarding when it will become available. We will be making a full transistion next year to’s operating systems so anything is possible.”

Hmm, Audible are going to use Amazon’s operating systems. This could be good news if this means that they’ll be going down the mp3 route that Amazon have been using for their music section. Not only would that make Audible’s collection Linux compatible but iit would also open up the number of mp3 players that could play their audiobooks.

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  1. sheldon
    June 17, 2009 at 10:47 pm

    I hope so. Too bad I’m going to go ahead with the iphone since I don’t have time to HOPE that audible will support Android and other alternative OS’s…. i love Audible, but need a device that will support.

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